Dog Fight; The Best Way To Stop One!

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In comparison to a wolf or a big cat (especially big cats) dogs generally have spectacularly wimpy jaws and pretty small teeth! That said I’ll be the first to concede that a dog’s “wimpy” teeth will slice through human flesh like a searing hot knife slicing through butter!

You see the thing is…we humans have pathetically delicate skin and flesh.

If you really want to behold tough skin…think buffalo! Ever seen video footage of a lioness or two (or more commonly three or more) trying to bring down a Cape Buffalo?

One lioness is typically latched tight to the Buffalo’s back with her powerful claws, sharp teeth clamping down hard as possible into the nape of her victim’s neck while her cohorts experience the careening ride of a lifetime as they hang onto the rump of the buffalo, their claws stuck as one in the buffalo’s hide.

The truly amazing thing though is that more often than not the buffalo shakes off those pesky 300lb lionesses and their ill intentions having sucumbed to surprisingly little damage if any from the lions’ powerful claws and jaws!


Okay this one’s a no-brainer! When push comes to shove a dog’s teeth will rip through your flesh…that is why it is ill advised for anybody to break up a dog fight (good intentions notwithstanding) using their own body as the instrument of restraint!

So what then is the best way to stop a dog fight?

Well the first thing to bear in mind is that dogs like us humans will invariably get into arguments with one another.

Typically an argument will manifest in a lot of growling, threatening and often some tussling whereby the vanquished dog will start whining and lay on his/her back in submission.

Sometimes however a dog fight will truly escalate into something really serious whereby one or both dogs may suffer serious injuries or even death.  This only usually happens when both dogs enjoy almost similar social status or if one dog is making a play for the dominant role!

If you find your dogs embroiled in such a fight your best course of action is to wash away their aggression with a blast of cold water from the garden hose (assuming the fight is taking place in the garden within proximity of the hose) or failing that spill a bucket full of cold water on them. That should generally do the trick!

Don’t make the mistake of trying to thwart their aggression with your hands because in the heat of the moment they will bite your intruding hand. In the aftermath as your shredded hand is getting stitched up it will be little comfort to know that they never actually intended to harm you!


The other day I was reading about how one lady tried to save her female German Shepherd from the unprovoked and savage attack of a Pit Bull. What the unfortunate lady never banked on was the Pit Bull turning its malicious fury fully on her!

Evidently this particular Pit Bull had been raised to be vicious and attack people and that is precisely what it did. by the time it was done the woman’s ear was a raw bloody mess no longer attached to her head!

However notwithstanding that this particular Pit Bull was improperly raised bear in mind that at the genetic level Pit Bulls are dog aggressive and were developed as pit scrappers. That means that more so than many other dog breeds they are more likely to entertain unprovoked attacks on other dogs.

And in a case such as what happened to this unfortunate woman the dogs fury can easily be transferred from your dog  to you…and believe me your dog is better equipped to handle such an attack. As the poor woman reflected in hindsight, “I should have let my German Shepherd take care of herself!”


Okay I have just dished out what on the face of it appears like sound advice, but cummon let’s admit it life is messy; it is easier to preach than it is to practice.

I say this because there was a time I saved my 35 lb mutt from being attacked by three Doberman/Labrador dogs that each averaged about 100lbs.

Somehow my mutt whom I called Beast had used his exceptional climbing skills to scale a 14 foot wall and had somehow made it into my neighbors compound (must have been the allure of their bitch who was in heat and also happened to be the meanest of the three dogs).

dogs fighting

I should point out that their dogs were guard dogs not pets!  Anyway the first I got wind of what was going on was when all of a sudden we heard this crescendo of crazy barking coming from next door. I, by the way was happily knocking back a stream of  cuba libres (rum ‘n’ coke) as I wolved down sides of mouthwatering barbecued flesh!

Anyway I could tell things we getting very serious in the dog fracas taking place next door. I felt that poor Beast was on the verge of getting ripped apart.

So despite the protestations of all and sundry and fired up with a good dose of proverbial Dutch courage from the rum ‘n’ coke I went round to my neighbors to put an end to the madness.

My neighbors (who were good friends) were at their wits end at what to do. I asked them why they didn’t call of their dogs and they said they had tried but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Beast, being the good strategist that he was, had positioned himself against a wall and was barking in high pitched yelps (sure sign of fear) to the three canine bullies menacing him to yield.

But yield he would not (obviously he had never read the memo about bravery and foolishness traipsing a very thin line indeed).

So I went for it…I had no other choice did I?

To the shouts, shock and gasps of all around I shoved my way through the melee of big dogs to stand by Beast’s side. Then I shouted at them to back off! Guess that must have done the trick because they seemed as surprised as everyone including myself…so much so they shut up and backed off!

Wow! These were the very same dogs that a couple of weeks earlier had almost ripped a burglar to bits!

So I picked up the sweaty, panting scared Beast and took him home, pausing to pat my new canine friends (guess who was the new “leader of the pack”) and that was that.

By the way after that episode those three dogs and I became best friends; I could leap into their garden in the middle of the night and they’d rush over tails wagging to greet me. If I called them and their owners called them at the same time guess who’d they come rushing to?

I know now that what I did was very risky and reckless (actually even then I had a good inkling that it wasn’t the wisest of ideas but then again I was  fired up with rum ‘n’ coke courage).

But I was lucky…the outcome would have probably been very different if I had squared off against a dog that was bred to fight and be aggressive such as the Pit Bull, Dogo Argentino or Presa Canario! Truth be told a Pit Bull and its ilk would  have probably ripped my mutt to death rather than have had a prolonged doggie argument as happened with the doberman/labradors whose space had been invaded.

Article on dog fighting written by Kayye Nynne

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  1. was wondering what breed of dog is on the right black and tan??? We have a male here that is identical, but some confusion of the actual breed.
    Thanks for your time

  2. Looks pretty much like a Doberman Pinscher to me.

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