Puppies: Points To Consider Before Getting Yours

bundles of joy it is little wonder that most of us find them irresistible. The thing to remember though is that that cute furry bundle comes with a whole bag of responsibility and moreover some day that little furry bundle of fun will transform into a big furry bundle. The point to note here is […] [...]

The Very Dark Disturbing Face Of Show Dog Breeding

I stumbled upon this video quite by accident and to say that it is shocking is an understatement. Viewer Beware! This video is not for the faint of heart! Some scenes and images are quite graphic and disturbing. The video itself is about 60 minutes long but zips by quickly because there is never a […] [...]

Dog Grooming Guide Part1

The first and pretty important aspect you should appreciate about dog grooming is that it is far more than just having a good-looking dog. You see dog grooming actually plays an important role in the helath and well-being of your dog. Right let’s get down to business and breakdown the various hidden components behind dog […] [...]