The Very Dark Disturbing Face Of Show Dog Breeding

I stumbled upon this video quite by accident and to say that it is shocking is an understatement.

Viewer Beware!

This video is not for the faint of heart! Some scenes and images are quite graphic and disturbing. The video itself is about 60 minutes long but zips by quickly because there is never a dull moment.

Further below I have included (well will do at least) text and comments pertaining to what I consider watershed moments and highlights of this revealing and disturbing video documentary.

Breed Standard

Since the Show Dog  apparently sets the standard for any breed, The Best of Breed winning dog then epitomizes that “elusive perfection” that every dog breeder desires to attain.


In other words the problems encountered in pedigree (purebred) dogs are fuelled by a climate of breeding run amok which is slave to the pandering vanities of those associated with the Show Dog World who are all about canine haute couture and looks, relegating the dogs’ health and function to a very, very distant second place!

Thinking of Getting A king Charles Spaniel?

Think again! This beautiful and delightful breed of dog has an extremely high incidence of syringomyelia as a result of inbreeding to “perfect” the dog breed’s looks. King Charles Spaniels with this disease suffer from extreme pain for the fact that their brains are too big for their skulls. In this documentary see in utter amazement how a King Charles Spaniel known to suffer from syringomyelia goes on to win the top prize in the most prestigious dog show for the breed in England!

The owner of the dog (despite being advised not to breed the dog by the specialist who diagnosed the disease) goes ahead and uses her show topping dog as a stud and 34 litters later ensures that 26 of them have inherited the disease!

How The Show Ring Has Destroyed The German Shepherd!

The German Shepherd is one of my favorite dog breeds but the examples shown in this video as the ambassadors of the breed (including Best of Breed winner) are nothing short of freaks as far as I am concerned!

And I am not alone in that opinion! The Chief vet of the RSPCA (Royal Society of the Protection of Animals) describes the highly touted Cruft’s Dog Show as more akin to a parade of mutants than a celebration of canine excellence.

It will boggle your mind to see one of the top judges at Cruft’s authoritatively declare that their Show Dog version of the German Shepherd is anatomically correct never mind the fact that its hindquarters are so sloped the dogs look positively deformed and cannot walk properly let alone run!

It should be noted that the police and military and other services that use German Shepherds use the working variety of the breed that have straight hindquarters and resemble German Shepherds of yesteryear!

The Genetic Pool of 10,000 Pugs is the Equivalent to That of Just 50 Individuals!

According to a study conducted in England covering the lineage of the registered 10,000 or so pugs, inbreeding of the breed has reached such alarming proportions that the genetic pool of those 10,000 dogs in reality comprises the genes of only 50 different individuals.

It is little wonder that the Pug is beset with a spectrum of hereditary problems, most notably those concerned with respiratory difficulties thanks to the breeding and breeder’s obsession for the squashed face. So what’s the harm?

Pugs frequently severely injure their eyes by running into objects on account of their squashed faces. Another disturbing disability pugs suffer from on account of their pushed-in face is a tendency to black out when excited because they cannot breathe in enough air!